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Friday, December 2, 2022
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Walking the sidelines

Sports Notebook: Walking the sidelines

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Why is it that so many spectators would rather stand along the sidelines to watch a sporting event than sit in the stands, especially when there are plenty of seats and vacant space available?

Look at the photo with this blog.

Basically, the stands were empty as the soccer fans stood and crowded along the sidelines instead to watch a girls high-school championship game last week at Episcopal High School in Alexandria. Why not sit?

Maybe the stands were a bit too far away from the field? But they weren’t that far.


Or maybe, spectators just like being as close to the action as possible when they have the chance, and that is easily understood. Who wouldn’t want to be closer? It’s human nature regarding watching sports. You can see and hear better by being closer.

At one point during the match, a game official had to ask many of the spectators to move back, because they had crept too close to the sideline.

At that point, did any choose to move as far back as actually taking a seat in the stands? None at all.

– Dave Facinoli


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