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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Unique scorebook

Sports Notebook: Unique scorebook

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A beat up baseball/softball scorebook that spanned four different years of play on levels from Little League to college league, is finally running out of pages and about to be retired.

High-school district, region and state championships, and others, were recorded in that maroon-covered C.S. Peterson book – with all games scored in pencil – starting with a July 25 playoff game in the 2019 American Legion summer baseball season.

Only a few Legion games were scored in the book the next summer in 2020. The campaigns of most other leagues and organizations were canceled that year because of COVID. Play on all levels resumed to various degrees in 2021 and certainly this spring so far. So the scorebook was active and filled with games once again from those two seasons.

The life of the scorebook, originally ordered through the mail, began when it showed up scarred and in mystery. It never arrived from its initial ordering, apparently lost somewhere during the delivery process. Then, one day, the single book arrived in a torn package, which when opened, revealed a significantly scarred and dirtied cover of the book. The binding on the top right side was frayed and torn loose a bit. The inside pages, though, were in good shape, with the back white cardboard page not dirty.


Theory is, the book was indeed misplaced during the delivery process and kicked and battered about on a floor of a truck or warehouse probably, until finally found and remailed, lastly arriving at its original destination months after its original ordering, without explanation.

Other than having that tarnished front cover, once put to use, the scorebook worked fine. Its unique career of recordings began with that historic and very limited COVID campaign. It will end this spring probably with details from a district-tournament contest of some league penciled onto those final two pages as the last entry.

We’ll see what happens.

– Dave Facinoli


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