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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Two games

Sports Notebook: Two games

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With many high-school basketball games now streamed live in some manner, the contests don’t have to be attended in person to watch. Heck, they can be viewed on your phone from pretty much anywhere.

Sometimes it’s possible to watch two games on a phone or computer screen (the bigger the screen the better) at once, like a split T.V. thing. But watching and trying to take notes on two games at once is a challenge. It’s easy to mix up the scores and details if not careful.

It’s also easy to miss information, like when players score at the same time in the different games and on the different screens.

If the scoreboard is not working on a particular stream (and that happens often), then the challenge becomes much more difficult. Sometimes it’s possible to see the gymnasium scoreboard in the background, but not always.


So there are issues watching streamed games, most often without announcers, at least ones that can be heard clearly.

So again, watching in person inside of a gymnasium is much more fun and certainly easier to track and keep good notes on the action.

– Dave Facinoli


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