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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Those football entrances

Sports Notebook: Those football entrances

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There are different ways and philosophies regarding how high-school football teams take the field, maybe by making a grand entrance, or choosing to be introduced just prior to kickoff.

Some charge onto the field, tearing through a homemade team banner of some sort, sometimes held by the school’s cheerleaders. Others arrive running through a cloud of fake smoke tinted in team colors, sometimes with a single very loud cannon fire, that gets the attention of those not expecting such noise.

In Northern Virginia, Centreville, Stone Bridge and Oakton are some teams that choose to enter with some drama.

Then there are the teams that take the low-key opposite approach – just quietly walking or jogging onto the field with little fanfare. Then, when the action starts, that team takes control early and dominates.

Back in their glory years when Glenn Furman was the team’s head coach, the T.C. Williams Titans of Alexandria opted to enter that way, low key but certainly confidently. The Titans decided to make their statement and gain attention with how they played early in games, instead of making a grand entrance.

That worked for T.C. Cannon fire and smoke might work for others

There are different ways and philosophies to make an entrance

– Dave Facinoli


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