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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Those busy running quarterbacks

Sports Notebook: Those busy running quarterbacks

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A trend has developed in high-school football over the years with quarterbacks running to the sideline at the end of each play to be told the next play from a coach.

Then, the QB sprints back to the huddle and relays that call to the offense. On a long multi-play drive, the quarterback repeats that routine many times, so one might believe leaving the player a bit winded maybe.

Used to be coaches used their hands or other body parts to motion the signal and the play from the sideline to the huddle. Some teams still use that plan. More and more, though, more QBs sprint back-and-forth from the sideline to the huddle.

Guess the thinking is there is less chance for errors and miscommunication with the quarterbacks doing all of that running.


Wonder if during those sprints drills if a quarterback has ever forgotten the play just heard? Bet that has happened often, especially when the player becomes extra tired from all of that running.

It’s very rare if high-school quarterbacks are allowed to call their own plays. Heck, that doesn’t happen in the NFL anymore either.

Hence, all the need for the running back and forth.

– Dave Facinoli


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