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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: There is always at least one

Sports Notebook: There is always at least one

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There’s always at least one, and often more, not looking at the camera, paying proper attention or standing straight ahead when sports teams pose for a group photo after winning some kind of championship.

No matter how much direction the picture taker gives, at least one won’t follow directions. And sometimes that isn’t realized  until later when looking through those pictures.

Most often it’s a situation when one player momentarily turns their head to look or speak to a teammate at the instant the picture is snapped. Or, at that same second, a player will decide to do something goofy, like a silly pose or make a silly face, or some kind of finger gesture.

The chance of getting all 100 percent of those in such a photo to look straight ahead and just smile for the camera are basically slim and none.


Because there’s always at least one.

– Dave Facinoli


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