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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: The great sounds of Wooden bats

Sports Notebook: The great sounds of Wooden bats

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It was pleasing to see and even more impressive and satisfying to hear wooden bats being used in a local baseball league this summer.

For the first time in the Northern Virginia College League’s three-year summer existence, all of the players for the six teams used wooden bats this year. Aluminum bats were used the past two campaigns.

So those familiar, traditional and welcomed sounds of wooden bats making contact with the baseball were a pleasure to hear. Same with the sound wooden bats make when they are piled together and bump against the others, or when a bat sometimes breaks, cracks, splinters or shatters when hitting the ball.

All of those sounds are far different with aluminum bats, more like pings when hitting the ball. Plus, aluminum bats rarely break and they don’t shatter.


The players and coaches were pleased with the quality of the wooden bats and how they held up.

Hopefully, the college league will continue using wooden bats in coming seasons.

We’ll see what happens.

– Dave Facinoli


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