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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Technical difficulties

Sports Notebook: Technical difficulties

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For those who watch those live streamed high-school sporting events, including football games, they certainly are aware of the many technical difficulties that come with the majority of those broadcasts.

Fairfax County Public Schools has a contract to have events streamed on the NFHS network. Not sure whether it’s the NFHS or the specific schools, but those streams have all kinds of issues and are frustrating to watch. Some don’t work at all.

Often the score and game clocks don’t work, with zeros throughout a contest. And that’s a big issue if the announcer can’t be clearly heard, which is often the case, or doesn’t give the score or time left in each quarter, and often they don’t.

The camera is automatically operated, and that’s often a big problem. While the football game action is in one spot, the camera for some reason sometimes will move and focus on say, an empty end zone,  yards away from the action. So action is often missed.

Plus, if there is any action occurring in the corners of end zones, or along the sidelines from say the 10-yard line in, none of that is not picked up by the camera.

Screens often freeze for periods of time as well.

McLean High School’s NFHS-streamed football games haven’t even worked for weeks.

Yorktown High School and Arlington schools don’t use the NFHS stream service. Instead, streams of Yorktown football games are done through YouTube, and they are very well done. Not the same technical issues as NFHS, the scoreboard and game clocks work, and you can clearly hear longtime announcer Chris Williams providing viewers with all the important info they need about the game.

Wish all the streams could be like the Yorktown football games, but unfortunately, that is not the case, by far.

Far too many technical difficulties with so many of the others.

– Dave Facinoli


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