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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Squeaky noise

Sports Notebook: Squeaky noise

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When the players are in motion, there is a consistent noise at every basketball game played inside on a wooden gymnasium floor. What is it?

It’s the squeaky noise. Just listen sometime.

The squeaking doesn’t register to those who regularly attend games because it has become white noise. But it’s still there, that constant squeak from the soles of basketball players’ shoes making contact with the wooden gym floors.

Again just listen closely sometime. Then it can really be heard, because, again, the noise is always there.


The sound is an annoyance to some, usually to those non-regulars watching and listening to the noises of a basketball games for some reason. The squeaking is not white noise to them at all, almost hurting their ears.

The squeaking sound during play is really more evident than the frequent dribbling of the basketball, which can also be white noise to most.

– Dave Facinoli


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