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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Sporty socks

Sports Notebook: Sporty socks

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At least girls high school softball players still wear their uniform socks up high in the traditional manner, and that’s great to see. Some of the socks are quite colorful, too, like the striped yellow and blue fashion worn by the defending region champion Washington-Liberty Generals team.

Unfortunately, too few high-school baseball players do the same anymore. They choose instead to extend their uniform pants all the way down to just above shoe-top level, so any sock line is barely visible, if at all. And that’s too bad.

That particular baseball-uniform stye has never been very appealing, is dull looking, and isn’t old school the way baseball socks used to be worn up high, just below the knee, on all levels.

A few baseball players still choose to wear high socks on the various levels of the sport, but not nearly enough. We appalled those who do so.


The softball sock fashion is much better, like that of the Washington-Liberty team.

Hope that never changes.

– Dave Facinoli


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