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Sunday, March 26, 2023
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Sports talk?

Sports Notebook: Sports talk?

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It’s always annoying to turn on one of those many sports-talk radio shows and the hosts aren’t talking about sports. It happens far too often.

At the same time one early morning in recent days, four different such talk shows that can be heard in the metro area, weren’t talking sports. What was that all about? Had the program formats all changed overnight?

The hosts were all the regular folks, but sports talk wasn’t the topic.

One host apparently became a weather forecaster, because he was describing the different American and European models of an approaching snowstorm. And not just for a few seconds. He went on for minutes, and in detail.


The hosts of another station were discussing COVID in no relation to sports. Those on a third were talking about their snack-eating habits.

Finally, hosts of fourth were going on about their kids homework routines.


Where was the sports on those supposed-to-be all=sports shows? Certainly it wasn’t on any of those four shows for a few minutes at the same time that morning, with each topic being very boring, unimportant, unnecessary and probably unprofessional instead.

Finally, by changing dials to an all-news station, a sports report was indeed heard, giving basketball and hockey scores from the previous night.

That was more like it, but the info and sports talk shouldn’t have been so hard to find.

– Dave Facinoli


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