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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: So many athletes use body paints

Sports Notebook: So many athletes use body paints

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Remember when the only face paint of any kind seen on athletes would be narrow strips of eye black used by Major League Baseball players, or maybe wide receivers, defensive backs or kick returners in football? The eye black was used under their eyes to deflect bright sunlight or maybe the bright lights of nightime stadium lights.

Things and styles have changed bigtime.

Now, narrow strips of such eye black are rarely seen. Instead, that has been replaced by huge wide and long gobs of face paint of all colors, used by all athletes in all sports at all ages, both males and females.

Plus, the paint is not just used on the face. It’s on the arms, backs, legs, chests, ankles, feet, even in the hair sometimes.

It’s everywhere on a body. Even swimmers use face and other body paints now. See the photo with this blog.

There is black, blue, red, purple, green and basically, body paint of all colors.

Those paints are a big part of sports these days. Just look around.

– Dave Facinoli


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