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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Sideline watching

Sports Notebook: Sideline watching

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For those covering high-school football games, the best and most fun way, if they choose and are allowed, is to do so by walking along the sidelines and following the ball.

That’s an outstanding vantage point because they can see, hear and observe so much more than being far away in some press box.

Along the sidelines, plays can be heard being called sometimes, conversations between coaches and players and game officials and everyone can be heard, as well. It’s easier to get the correct game information along the sidelines, like who recovered a fumble, caused a fumble or made a key tackle. Just go ask someone, and get the correct spelling of a name, as well.

Sometimes coaches and referees will actually initiate a conversation with a sportswriter. Also, being along the sidelines makes it possible to ask a referee a question. And sometimes they answer.


What’s interesting, is foul language isn’t heard much anymore along the sidelines from anyone. That certainly wasn’t always the case, when profanities were regularly uttered all game long. Things have changed for the good in that matter.

Paying 100 percent attention at all times is very important when working along the sidelines, so not to get hit by players or the ball when they come your way, or trampled by the chain crew.

Really, working the sidelines is the absolute best in comparison to any other vantage point.

– Dave Facinoli


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