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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Sideline clutter

Sports Notebook: Sideline clutter

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Check out what’s kept along the sidelines for most teams during any type of field-sports type of game, like football, soccer or lacrosse, even track and field.

Usually the sidelines – particularly the area behind where the players stand – are cluttered spots. That has been the case even more so now during the pandemic era, because personal items are kept with players and in their backpacks.

There are all kinds of stuff to trip over, like multiple water jugs and bottles, players’ backpacks, coolers, clothing items, other carrying cases, extra shoes, clipboards, team benches to sit or stand on of course, nets, riding golf carts, pens and pencils, a training table for injured players to use, and other necessary game materials like those mats to clean the bottoms of shoes and odds and ends.

That clutter is there for all to see. What’s not seen so much is the dugout clutter during baseball and softball games. There is plenty of that, as well.


Some teams keep their bench clutter more in order than others. Then some have stuff thrown everywhere, sometime spilling onto the nearby track.

There is never a loss for clutter along those sidelines.

– Dave Facinoli


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