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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Show the time

Sports Notebook: Show the time

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It’s tradition and part of the game and all, but that extra time added to the end of each half in soccer matches also is a big annoyance to some.

With all the technology now available, why can’t the exact time be kept and shown on the scoreboard at all junctures of a contest?

Sometimes, what happens is a game clock will read 0:00, but the soccer action continues because of the extra time that only the referee keeps on his watch. Or the clock stops and holds at 2:00 while the added time continues.

Extra time is defined as minutes or seconds kept by the game referee and is intended to make up for any pauses that occur during a match. Fine. If there is a pause, stop the clock right away, then if necessary, immediately add any pause time back to the official game clock – like is done in all other sports – for all to see. Why the mystery, and guessing game at the end of each half regarding the amount of time remaining?


With these sophisticated smart scoreboards these days, soccer should move beyond that secret-time tradition and show the exact amount of time at all times.

– Dave Facinoli


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