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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Short visits

Sports Notebook: Short visits

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It’s puzzling why this peculiar trend in football has caught on of players spending very little time in as little space as possible in the end zone when they score a touchdown.

Here’s what happens. A player scores on an uncontested play, takes two short steps into the end zone to officially record the score, then quickly steps back out and runs off. That happens on all levels of football.

What is that all about? Is that a cool or hip thing to do?

It’s hard to score touchdowns on any level of the game. As a result, one would think when doing so, players would want to spend as much time in the end zone as possible, running or rolling around or just taking time celebrating the occasion.


And some indeed do that, lingering and often celebrating a bit with other players.

So why the brief stay for others? Doesn’t make any sense. Hang around in the end zone a while after scoring a TD. There is no guarantee of getting back there again.

– Dave Facinoli


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