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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Senior athletes recognized

Sports Notebook: Senior athletes recognized

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Normally, those senior nights, when senior athletes on specific high-school sports teams are highlighted and recognized, are held before late-season games or events.

That’s not the case now in the world of the pandemic. Because the continuation of any sports season is not guaranteed and can be ended quickly, many senior nights have been held before a team’s very first game or event. Others have been held before the second or third events.

Few teams wait to hold the ceremonies much later, again because there is no guarantee that would occur.

The Oakton High School football team held a senior ceremony prior to its first home game, recognizing not just the football players, but cheerleaders, band members and others. The event took a while, but it was successfully completed and in the books.

Girls volleyball and field hockey teams also have held early-season senior nights.

That’s all a good thing because all seniors deserve to be properly recognized.

Good going.

– Dave Facinoli


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