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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: School colors

Sports Notebook: School colors

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Going forward, how about every high-school sports team wear true team colors for games and competitions?

Instead, what’s been happening for a number of years, is some teams, on occasion, alter from those traditional tints and wear all-black, or predominantly black uniforms. The question is why?

Is wearing black supposed to make teams look and play better and tougher, and maybe be more of an intimidating attire? Not very often, teams also will dress in all white, again not school colors.

Either way, those uniforms make for bland sports photos.


For its last regular season game on Nov. 5, the Langley High School football team wore all-black uniforms, instead of their traditional and much more lively green and gold.

Vienna’s Madison High School teams often dress in all-black, but black is a primary school color for the Warhawks.

Could it be that other schools and teams want to copy Madison, since the Warhawks enjoy so much success in high-school sports? Or maybe, those teams don’t like their own school colors and prefer black.

In that case, then officially change the school colors to include black.

Otherwise, the whole wearing of non-school colors is all kind of peculiar.

– Dave Facinoli


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