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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Real golf

Sports Notebook: Real golf

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The best thing about watching the professional United States Open golf tournament each year in June is the competition and conditions are real golf, and real hard.

The winning score isn’t twentysomething under par like so many pro golf tournaments have become. Par golf means something at the U.S. Open. This year’s winning score was 6-under.

The tournament also usually has significant thick and penalizing rough, narrow fairways, fast greens and difficult pin placements – features often not included at regular tour-stop events.

So at the U.S. Open, golfers often struggle with such difficult conditions, and that’s so much more fun to watch. Birdies are much harder to achieve, and sometimes pars, as well.

Wish more professional golf tournaments had similar types of difficult U.S. Open setups, but few do anymore.

– Dave Facinoli


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