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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Rainbow-like shoe colors

Sports Notebook: Rainbow-like shoe colors

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Look at the shoes. Sometimes it’s as entertaining to do that at high-school cross country meets as it Is to watch the runners performing.

The reason is because the shoes are all kinds of wild, different colors. It seems no two runners have the same color of shoes. Even on the same teams, the color tones of the shoes differ.

There was a time when cross country runners for one team all wore the same color of shoes, often boring black, brown or white shoes. No longer. Now, it seems, the brighter the better – orange, yellow, red, lime green, bright blue. You can see them all at most races.

The variety of shoe colors now looks like a rainbow. Check out the photo with this blog – same team, but different color tones of shoes.

The colors of shoelaces are also entertaining to watch, because those often are wild variations as well – creative schemes with orange shoes and green laces.

Look down and check out those shoes at races sometime. You will be entertained.

– Dave Facinoli


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