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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Partially used scoreboards

Sports Notebook: Partially used scoreboards

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An annoyance when covering local sports is when an electric scoreboard is on and working, but is only partially used. That’s the case the majority of the time, whether in high school or youth sports.

For example. In football, the time of the game and score are used correctly, and the correct number of the current quarter is usually displayed. But the spaces for the down and distance for a first down and the yard line where the ball is located are sometimes left blank. That happens a lot.

Various spots on baseball scoreboards, like balls and strikes, sometimes aren’t always used.

For high-school basketball games, the spaces for the number of personal fouls on a specific player frequently are left blank.

If scoreboards are working properly and turned on and being used, why not use the entire setup and all of the spaces available.

Those who do correctly use all of the space, it’s much appreciated, and thank you.

– Dave Facinoli


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