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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: No masks

Sports Notebook: No masks

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For now, unlike last season, high-school basketball players in Northern Virginia for public-school teams do not have to wear masks during games. That could change at any time with the ups and downs of the pandemic.

But for now, no masks.

The players do have to wear masks when they return to the bench. Coaches still have to wear masks at all times, and so do spectators and those working the games.

Without the masks, it’s nice to see the players’ faces, and photographers taking photos of the games and participants in particular like the no-mask looks. Those masks of the past always kind of ruined a good photo.

Even though players were required to wear masks last season, most did so haphazardly, especially the boys. Plus, there was that properly breathing details.

So for now, and fingers cross, no masks.

– Dave Facinoli


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