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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: New golf scoreboards

Sports Notebook: New golf scoreboards

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Unfortunately, those often crafty handwritten scoreboards where scores of players at high-school golf tournaments are posted at the events are being replaced by video screens, which are much harder to easily see and quickly interpret the results. 

When using a video screen, all of the scores can’t be shown at once like is the case with the handwritten setups. So the scores are rotated every few seconds on those screens.

That’s annoying because those wanting to know and read the scores, as all do when looking that way on the 19th hole, have to wait through the rotations to find a particular score, then read and record the scores quickly before the rotation resumes.

With all of the advanced technology these days, there has to be a way that all of the golf scores can be shown on a video screen at once, without any of those annoying rotations, which sometimes don’t work properly.


A few tournaments thankfully still use the old handwritten score sheets, which can be given away to teams at tournaments’ end for souvenir keeping. That’s not the case with video-screen scoresheets.

– Dave Facinoli


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