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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Mississippi sports

Sports Notebook: Mississippi sports

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Ohhhh, how the late great mother-in-law Grace would be loving her some Mississippi college sports these days.

From baseball to women’s golf to football, these times are a big heyday for college athletics in the magnolia state, and Grace would be all over all of that.

Just on June 26, Ole Miss became a huge Cinderella story by winning the college baseball World Series, just one year after Mississippi State did the same doggone thang. Both years, Grace would have watched every frame of every game involving the two teams.

She’d also be all over the current state of Mississippi college football and the much drama its famous coaches regular stir – “Prime Time” at Jackson State, Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss and Mr. clever one-liner and story-teller Mike Leach at Mississippi State.

Grace would have known all the details about the 2021 Ole Miss women’s golf team winning the national crown, and the Mississippi State women’s basketball squad nearly doing the same a couple of years back.

If sports happened in Mississippi, Grace was well versed on each subject and could talk the rub with anyone. Maybe she didn’t scan the agate so much, but Grace read Jackson, Miss.’ Clarion-Ledger sports section cover to cover.

She knew the goings on of all the Manning boys – papa Archie, sons Peyton, Eli and Cooper, and today certainly would be keeping up with grandson Arch. Same with Cowboys’ quarterback and Mississippi State grad Dak Prescott.

And Grace knew all about Mississippi sports history, from Walter Payton, to Jack Clark, to Buck Showalter, to Robin Roberts’ early T.V. sports reporting jobs in Hattiesburg and Biloxi. By heart, she knew the hours the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in Jackson was open, and the time of each opening kickoff of Mississippi State’s fall football games. 

Years ago, when famed Mississippi-native runningback phenom Marcus Dupree went MIA for a few days from his college football team, with so many looking for him all about, Grace pegged it dead on – saying he’d gone home to Philadelphia – Mississippi not Pennsylvania. Indeed he had.

Sure wish Grace was still around to talk about the so many neat happenings in Mississippi college sports these days, to get her informed inside take on that so recent and grand Ole Miss Cinderella baseball story, and which team she thinks might win this fall’s Egg Bowl.

Grace used to watch every single second of that football game, too.

– Dave Facinoli


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