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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Low scores

Sports Notebook: Low scores

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Really, 34-under par was the winning score of a traditional 72-hole men’s professional golf tournament? No, it was not miniature golf.

That score is ridiculous and way too low. Really, when scores get that low, what’s the challenge. Par means nothing.

But then, scores in professional golf on the men’s side have been dipping lower and lower over the years. Equipment is better, players are arguably better, and courses aren’t set up as difficult as they once were.

Fairways are now much wider and the rough lower, if there is any rough at all.


Used to be that par was a sacred score in golf. No more. Follow the men’s PGA tour and how many winning scores these days are within 10 shots of par? Very few.

Even scores at the once par-sacred U.S. Open have been getting lower. Again, the U.S. Open is no longer set up as difficult as it once was, with the rough not nearly as brutal and fairways sometimes wider.

Fans like to see birdies and eagles in golf, so courses are set up to accommodate that interest and appeal.

There are still some golf fans, though, who enjoy very much watching par golf, when birdies are hard earned and few and far between.

– Dave Facinoli


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