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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Hoop stats

Sports Notebook: Hoop stats

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The photo with this blog is of basketball statistics compiled by a writer covering a recent boys high-school varsity basketball game.

The team covered was the Madison Warhawks during a holiday tournament contest against the Washington-Liberty Generals.

As such stats have been kept over the years the writer often sits in the stands among spectators watching games, a question often gets asked by those curious folks what the writer is doing. Some even want to know what all of those symbols mean.

Yes, the stats are nothing but symbols, numbers and circles.


The numbers 2 and 3, of course, are for two- and three-point field goals made. The dark circles are for free throws made, with the empty circles for missed free throws.

An X is for a missed three-point attempt and a slash (/) is for a missed two-point field goal attempt. The + symbol is for a rebound and a circled + is for an offensive rebound.

An A is for an assist, an S is a steal, with a B for a block and a C for a charge taken.

Total points, along with rebounds and other stats are kept at the right with circled shooting percentages at the bottom and on other spots on the sheet.

It’s all pretty straight forward stuff, even to the casual onlooker, once it’s explained.

But the stats are kept for the writer’s purposes only, not kept in a manner for anyone else to be able to read and understand.

Madison won the game, 79-61, over W-L, shooting 60 percent from the floor and making 12 three-pointers. Those totals are all highlighted on the sheet.

– Dave Facinoli


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