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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Gray fields

Sports Notebook: Gray fields

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Artificially-surfaced high-school football fields in Northern Virginia are all the color green, which most are throughout the country, as well, with an exception of those couple of horrible-looking blue-and-red college fields.

When those green fake-grass fields get a few years old and they become wet, some tend to appear more black and gray than green. The reason is because all of those black pebbles that are just under the surface of those fields start rising to the top in the wet, and because the green artificial grass fibers begin wearing thin.

Also, the initial bright-green field color begins fading to a duller green.

When initially installed, those black pebbles aren’t visible as much, because the grass fibers are longer and thicker and the fields are a bright green.


The photo with this blog is of an aging artificial high-school field that also was wet from so much recent precipitation. See how many of those black pebbles are visible. The field color looks more gray than green.

Fake fields last about 10 years until needing replacement. When they start to turn in color and look more gray than green, such fields aren’t new anymore.

– Dave Facinoli


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