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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Colorful goalies

Sports Notebook: Colorful goalies

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What is it with these vividly bright jerseys worn by goalies in high-school soccer and field hockey matches?

One reason such tops are attired is so keepers will be more easily seen and stand out in a crowd of players around the goal. Makes some sense.

But, then, how about the strategy of a goalie not being seen so prominently? That way they are able to sneak up on attackers to make saves or punch or kick the ball away.

But with their jerseys so bright, and often their colorful gloves as well, soccer and field hockey keepers won’t sneak up on anyone. Other players probably need sunglasses or some kind of eye shading to cut down on the bright glare of those goalies’ loud jerseys.


Also, the bright jerseys very often don’t match school or team colors. The photo with this blog shows the Washington-Liberty High School boys varsity soccer goalie sporting a bright gold or yellow top. Neither is a school color.

Again, what’s up with those jerseys.

– Dave Facinoli


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