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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Busy Bluemont Park

Sports Notebook: Busy Bluemont Park

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What’s the name of that old famous song by the big-brass band Chicago? Isn’t it “Saturday in the Park?”

The lyrics talked about the many different things happening in New York’s Central Park at any specific time, like a man selling ice cream and singing Italian songs. So many things are occurring at once the songwriter thinks it’s the Fourth of July.

The same thing could be written about Arlington’s Bluemont Park on any certain afternoon. Bluemont was the site of the annual Arlington County high-school cross country meet during the late afternoon of March 17.

In addition to the dozens of cross country runners on hand, there was so much else going on. There wasn’t anyone singing Italian songs or selling ice cream, but there were plenty of dogs being walked, so many riding bikes and others on roller skates, and definitely people laughing, talking and really smiling. But no one was dancing and there wasn’t a man playing guitar.


There was a father playing catch with his Little League son and a middle-aged couple sitting on the same park bench for least 90 minutes. There were people playing tennis, and a baby or two being pushed in strollers.

A Frisbee was being thrown about, there was a young boy on a scooter, a young-age baseball practice was held on an adjacent field, kids were playing, so many were looking at their cell phones, and people were sitting on blankets.

A one-dollar bill laid on the grass near the race’s start/finish line for more than 30 minutes, as dozens passed it by. Finally, a lady picked it up and asked around who may have dropped it. No one answered.

With the pandemic and all, there weren’t a lot of people reaching and people touching, but with the races, there were so many people running and almost everyone was wearing their masks of many different colors and some people were holding hands.

That couple of hours was just another typical and busy variety-filled afternoon at Bluemont Park – kind of a real celebration, like the Fourth of July.

Can you dig it?

– Dave Facinoli


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