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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Blue field, orange ball

Sports Notebook: Blue field, orange ball

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How about a blue field and an orange ball?

Things certainly have changed in the world of high-school sports.

That was the setup in the championship matches at this year’s Virginia High School League state field hockey tournaments. The contests were played at Courtland High School.

The artificial-turf field at the Spotsylvania school is bright blue, not the traditional green color. So that looked a lot different.


The color of the field hockey balls used in the title tilts were bright orange, which has been the color of choice in the sport, along with yellow, for a while now. White balls aren’t used much these days.

The blue and orange combo looked out of whack, though, more like some type of wild abstract painting, one of those artificial flower arrangements found in grocery stores and hotel rooms, or a stack of bathroom towels.

One eventually does adjust a bit to those non-traditional colors when constantly watching the on-field action for a couple of hours. That’s until looking away for a an instant, then looking right back at the blue and orange, and having to adjust all over again.

– Dave Facinoli


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