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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Bad sight lines

Sports Notebook: Bad sight lines

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The girls softball field at South County High School is very nice, well kept and as quality as any in the area.

The sight lines for spectators, though, is another issue. They are horrible. There are no stands behind home plate. Plus, there are annoying windscreens on the backstop, with few spots available for even those trying to squeeze in and peek through whatever openings in those screens to watch, film or take photos of the action.

The photo with this blog demonstrates what it’s like to watch from behind South County’s windscreened backstop.

Bleachers for the fans start on the far end of the dugouts, which actually block the view of home plate for those sitting in the area of the stands closest to those two dugouts.

The best viewing area for spectators is a hill beyond the left-field fence. But that’s pretty far away.

Again, the South County playing field is just fine. The spectator viewing area, though, could use a real good redesign so fans could actully see the games.

– Dave Facinoli


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