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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Art or sport?

Sports Notebook: Art or sport?

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It’s part of life today, purchasing then watching a tasty submarine sandwich of some type being made at one of those many popular stores like Subway, Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s, Firehouse, Quiznos and maybe Schlotzsky’s even, if that shop still exists?

The process of making the sub is an art, or a sport really. Some grinder makers are much faster and better than others. And some are more dramatic and flashy during their process, like at Jersey Mike’s, where the procedure takes place and is on display front and center, right there for consumers to watch and get the taste buds working into a frenzy.

The meat of choice is put on the bread of choice first, followed by all the trimmings, like lettuce, tomatos, pickles, any onions or various peppers and any others of choice.

Then comes the oil and vinegar splashed all over from bottles held and shaken from a high angle, spilling all over and making a mess, really. That is followed by any seasoning, like pepper, also sprinkled out of a container and also held from a high angle and also falling all over.


Finally, there is the tight wrapping process of the sub, which is then somehow squeezed into a narrow Jersey Mike’s brown paper bag, then tightly twisted shut.

An artmaking process for sure, or is it sport? Maybe both.

Whatever, it’s a yummy experience.

– Dave Facinoli


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