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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Always a backup

Sports Notebook: Always a backup

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It always happens, no matter what time of the year or even the time of day or night, that any distance of a two-way trip – short or long – via the route 95 corridor between Northern Virginia and any destination south results in getting stuck in heavy traffic.

Case in point was Sunday, Nov. 13. A 10 a.m. trip south along that stretch, beginning from the Route 123 exit in Woodbridge to Spotsylvania went well – heavy traffic but moving at speed. No delays. Door-to-door, the trip took about 45 minutes to attend a state-championship field hockey match. All good.

But not on the return trek, which started about 2 p.m. The backup and heavy traffic began on the on-ramp to Route 95. Once on the actual road, it was bumper-to-bumper, heavy stop-and-go, and no faster than 25 mph for very short stretches, for at least 15 agonizing miles.

Who knows what caused the backup. There were no accidents or vehicle issues visible. It probably was just heavy volume, slowed by the ongoing construction along the route, which is never ending.


Anyhow, the lane-switching return trip took about 90 minutes. Brutal.

A typical experience.

– Dave Facinoli


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