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Monday, October 18, 2021
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: All new

Sports Notebook: All new

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There were no familiar faces around. None at all. That certainly was different, but times change.

For many years the Sun Gazette Newspaper has been covering home varsity high-school football games at the private Flint Hill School, and over the years getting to know many involved with putting on such a sporting event. The last couple of years, though, there have been many changes at the Oakton school involving the team and athletic department.

The football team is on its fourth head coach in as many seasons and the athletic director and his staff are all new, as well, that change occurring in the last few months.

Current head coach Kirk Peterson has an entire new coaching staff from the past couple of campaigns.

So now, when on site to cover Flint Hill varsity football game, a Sun Gazette sportswriter didn’t come upon anyone familiar that day – a coach, athletic administrator, support game staff, the game announcers also are different, as are those working the sideline chains. In addition, there weren’t any familiar alumni or fans on hand.

Plus, there is a new building adjacent to the field where the home stands are now located. So that’s different and new as well.

But again, that’s change, and happens. All of the new parties involved with Flint Hill football and the school’s athletics are highly competent and certainly nice and helpful to deal with.

It will take a bit, but it will be fun getting to know everyone new and working with them.

We’ll see what happens.

– Dave Facinoli


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