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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: A lot to watch

Sports Notebook: A lot to watch

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There is a lot to see and observe when arriving early and hanging out in a VIP parking lot prior to a sporting event that is still 90 minutes or so from starting.

That was the case June 11 at John Champ High School in Loudoun County prior to the noon starting times a trio of Virginia High School League Class 6 state tournament games.

Game umpires arrive early and change their cloths out of the trunks of their cars or backs of their SUVs.

As a light rain falls, tournament officials search for umbrellas and light jackets kept somewhere within their vehicles.


Some coaches who arrive early and unload various types of game gear from their pickup truck.

So many coaches, umpires and school and tournament administrators drive pickup trucks.

A media photographer work outs out of the back of his sports car for a while, getting all of his camera equipment prepare to shoot a couple of games.

Team buses arrive and players off loaded along with all the game equipment.

 A couple of field prep golf-cart like vehicles quickly roll through the lot en route to a field needing a bit of pregame manicuring.

A few eager spectators arrive early as well. Not sure why they are allowed n the VIP lot. But once there and all set up, they do a bit of tailgating.

It was all interesting to observe.

– Dave Facinoli


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