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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: A little help would help

Sports Notebook: A little help would help

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During any given week, the Sun Gazette sports department often receives unsolicited, and much welcomed, items and information about a variety of different news-making sports topics and potential stories.

In the last few days, among press releases received were about a youth baseball team winning a tournament, a young javelin thrower, a senior swimmer finishing a one-mile ocean swim, and details about the upcoming and annual First Responders Cup softball tournament.

Thanks for all of that.

On the other hand, what’s so frustrating is when the sports department reaches out and solicits information with no response.


That’s happening right now regarding some local varsity high-school football teams the Sun Gazette covers. A couple of coaches have either not provided any game stats or details from opening contests last week – and one of those teams won big – or even responded.

So what’s that all about?

All the Sun Gazette wants is names and stats to give the players and teams much deserved publicity. But some of those coaches obviously don’t see the same importance.

For those many high-school football coaches who do submit game information or provide access to finding those details and take the time to do so – sending along stats, details and even some commentary – thanks so much for that, and please keep it all coming. It is so much appreciated.

In general, over the years some high-school football teams and their male coaches have been the worst as far as providing game details. And that makes no sense, because those teams have a bigger support system than any other sports, with many assistant coaches and parent volunteers helping out. So responsibilities, like sending info to a newspaper, can be delegated.

In contrast, ask a girls high-school field hockey or volleyball coach to send along any details and there is immediate response with the info provided. Same with many other sports. But not always football.

The Sun Gazette sports staff is trying to get as many details about local football games and teams as possible, but it helps to have help and the interest in return, which is not unanimously received or provided from all teams.

We’ll keep trying.

– Dave Facinoli


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