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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: A cramped venue

Sports Notebook: A cramped venue

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The grounds for this summer’s site of the Northern Virginia Swimming League’s individual all-star meet at Orange Hunt pool in Springfield weren’t nearly as spacious compared to other recent venues for the organization’s big season-ending event.

Instead of being assembled on a big grassy adjacent field, the dozens of team tents were set up on the pool’s black paved and hot parking lot. There was no big grassy field available in a close locale. In addition, the site lines for the many spectators were limited and not as good as at some past venues, and pretty much only neighborhood street parking was available.

The closest school, an elementary school, was about a mile away, and some used that to park.

Aside from the cramped grounds, the meet was run fine and on time, and Orange Hunt should get high marks for that and for stepping forward to host the meet when there weren’t many other takers this year. By 6 p.m. or so that Saturday afternoon, July 30 of the meet, the Orange Hunt pool was all cleaned up and back in order. The parking lot  was clean of debris, except for someone’s ball cap left on the ground near the adjacent tennis courts.


Hosting such a meet is a huge undertaking. It takes days to organize with many volunteer workers needed, and the host pool is usually shut down to the membership for a couple of days. As a result of all of that, many pools want no part of being the host.

So a job well done for Orange Hunt.

– Dave Facinoli


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