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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: A cluttered sideline

Sports Notebook: A cluttered sideline

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There is often scads of clutter along the sidelines of high-school football games. That’s just the way things have always been. A lot is needed to put on such a contest.

Now, however, with the pandemic restrictions and all, teams and players can’t use locker rooms. Thus, their personal belongs are kept nearby on the sidelines during games instead.

Often, many of those items are left about, like the photo with this blog showing one such high-school sideline.

Walking along the sidelines with all of that clutter is like tip toeing through a mine field or hopping through one of those workout rope drills. It’s wise to look and pay attention where one may be stepping, so not to break open a water bottle or step on a backpack and hopefully, not break someone’s belongings inside, or trip over something and falling.


Beware along high-school football sidelines these days, another weird thing about a weird spring grid campaign.

– Dave Facinoli


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