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FairfaxTransportationSome Fairfax vehicle owners to see rising tax bills

Some Fairfax vehicle owners to see rising tax bills

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Swimming against the tide of normal trends, car-tax bills for about 12 percent of Fairfax County residents will rise this year even as their vehicles continue to age.

Why? Blame a confluence of reasons, including high demand for all vehicles and a global computer-chip shortage that is hampering the ability to produce new vehicles, causing used ones to be in more demand.

For those with vehicles valued at $20,000 or less, the average increase will be about $25, Fairfax officials said. Personal-property taxes on vehicles are due on Oct. 5.

The Fairfax County government bases car taxes on a vehicle’s value on the J.D. Power Used Car Guide. For most vehicles, the value is based on the “Clean Trade-in Value” as of Jan. 1 of the tax year.


Car owners can file an appeal of their taxes if they believe their vehicle has been overassessed. A vehicle’s value can be appealed based on body damage, rusting or high mileage – but owners still must pay their tax bill by the due date even if appealing.

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