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ArlingtonSee something, say something: County on hunt for lanternfly sightings

See something, say something: County on hunt for lanternfly sightings

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The Arlington County government is seeking the help of the public in identifying the presence of the spotted lanternfly (lycorma delicatula) in the community.

The spotted laternfly is “a beautiful but invasive insect that is damaging Arlington’s trees and vines,” officials with the Department of Parks and Recreation said. “We need your help to stop this pest.”

Residents who notice the insect can report sightings to the local Virginia Cooperative Extension office at https://bit.ly/3cvQB22.

State officials said the spotted laternfly poses threats to home landscaping if appearing in large enough numbers. More concerning: The insect has proved a “very serious pest” in attacking grapes, peaches, hopes and a variety of other crops,” Virginia Cooperative Extension officials said.

For information, see the Website at https://bit.ly/2TS5Rwc.

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