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ArlingtonRepublican launches bid in 45th House District

Republican launches bid in 45th House District

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The district trends Democratic in the same way Chicago winters trend cold, but a Republican has stepped up with plans to contest the 45th House of Delegates district in November.

J.D. Maddox, a small-business owner and former Central Intelligence Agency official, announced March 23 he planned to seek the seat currently held by Del. Mark Levine, a Democrat.

“For too long, the practical work of government has gone unfulfilled, and instead our representative has focused on self-serving and divisive issues during one of our country’s most partisan moments,” Maddox said in a kickoff statement.

“I plan to reverse that trend, and work to reunify the community and the state through inclusive leadership,” Maddox said.


(Whether Levine will even be on the ballot in November remains an open question; he is being challenged by Alexandria Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker in what is seen as a competitive primary contest to be decided in June. Levine also is concurrently running for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, also to be decided in June.)

Maddox and his wife Lisa have lived in the district for 20 years, and have two children. The district is centered mostly in Alexandria, but includes portions of South Arlington as well as a sliver of Fairfax County.

In his announcement, Maddox ticked off issues he said Levine has not been focused on: “declining public-school quality, unchecked traffic congestion, urban sprawl, declining retail revenue, a sewer system that dumps raw waste into the Potomac, and more.”

“As Americans, we owe it to ourselves to elect someone who will unify instead of divide, and I’ll do just that,” he said.

Maddox is the founder of Inventive Insights, a tech and data firm, and has been an adjunct professor at George Mason University’s Volgenau School of Engineering graduate school since 2011.

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