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Thursday, August 11, 2022
FairfaxBusinessRegion's joblessness up month-over-month in new data

Region’s joblessness up month-over-month in new data

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The Washington region’s jobless rate, though up on a month-over-month basis, was down year-over-year in May, according to new federal data.

With 3,377,801 in the civilian workforce and 112,365 looking for jobs, the metro region’s unemployment rate of 3.3 percent in May was up from 3 percent in April but down from 5.1 percent in May 2021, according to figures reported June 29 by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The D.C. region was one of 385 of the nation’s 387 metro areas that saw lower year-over-year joblessness, as the nation continued its recovery from COVID while facing fears of an economic recession.

Nationally, the non-seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 3.4 percent in May was down from 5.5 percent a year before. A total of 216 metro areas had jobless rates below the national average, with 150 above it and 23 on par.

A total of 150 metro areas reported jobless rates of less than 3 percent in May, with two areas showing rates above 10 percent and the rest somewhere in between.

Nationally, the lowest jobless rates were turned in by two Minnesota metros – Mankato and Rochester – at 1.3 percent each. The highest rate was found in Yuma, Ariz., at 14.4 percent.

Among the 51 metro areas with populations above a million, the lowest jobless rate for the month was found in Minneapolis (1.6 percent) with the highest in Cleveland (5.5 percent).

In terms of actual jobs, the picture wasn’t quite as rosy as the unemployment data suggest.

Only 133 of the 387 metro areas had a statistically significant increase in payroll jobs in May compared to a year before, with the remainder essentially unchanged.

Year over year, the largest rebound in jobs on a percentage basis was found in Atlantic City (up 12.5%), followed by Las Vegas (9%) and Dallas-Fort Worth (7.7%). In raw numbers, the largest year-over-year jobs rebounds took place in the New York City (up 509,500), Los Angeles (306,800) and Dallas-Fort Worth (294,700) metro areas.

Across Virginia, the jobless rate in May was 3 percent, up from 2.5 percent a month before but down from 4.1 percent in May 2021. Among metro areas across the commonwealth, jobless rates ranged from 2.5 percent in Winchester to 3.4 percent in Hampton Roads.

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