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ArlingtonProposed resolution rips county leaders for marginalizing dissent

Proposed resolution rips county leaders for marginalizing dissent

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There’s no guarantee it will win ultimate passage, but a proposed resolution to be considered by the Arlington County Civic Federation makes it clear: Some people are really, really upset with the way the county’s leaders appear to be marginalizing voices that either don’t support their policies, or simply want to add input.

“It appears to many residents that the current community-engagement methods are unevenly applied or have fundamentally changed and no longer consistently include critical engagement principles and features,” the draft resolution noted.

Civic Federation delegates will get a first significant look at the proposed resolution Nov. 15. It was introduced in September by a former federation president, Duke Banks, and the presentation will be led by another former president, Stefanie Pryor.

The draft verbiage suggests that county leaders are perceived to have taken steps to:


• “Marginalize or stifle substantive criticism from county residents.”

• “Frequently dismiss concerns of individuals, civic groups, civic associations, multi-family-residence associations and the Arlington County Civic Federation.”

Those are just two of a lengthier number of “Whereas” clauses outlining concern about current governance practices and criticizing deviation from the county’s traditional bottom-up community engagement that has come to be known as the Arlington Way.

“No vote is scheduled for this month, but members who review the resolution and its comprehensive appendix will appreciate the depth of dedication, passion and commitment of its authors and facilitators,” Civic Federation president John Ford said.

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