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Sunday, August 14, 2022
ArlingtonNo more free kilowatts for public at government charging stations

No more free kilowatts for public at government charging stations

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The free ride is soon to be over for those in the public who have been energizing their electric vehicles for free at county-government charging stations.

Arlington officials are planning a mid-July public hearing that would for the first time impose a fee – proposed at 14.52 cents per kWh – on those who juice up at the existing 11 spaces spread across seven charging stations at Arlington Mill Community Center and Long Bridge Park Aquatics Center.

The proposed fee is lower than most similar charges imposed by local governments and private entities that provide electric-vehicle-charging stations, with the lower fee designed to incentivize use, county official said.

Arlington government officials plan to increase the number of electric-vehicle-charging stations that are offered.

County board members on June 18 are being asked to set a July 18 public hearing on the matter, but it appears the decision already has been taken. Signage at the community and aquatics centers already has been put in place telling patrons that charging would no longer be free.

The 14.52-cents-per-kilowatt-hour charge is likely to remain in place until being evaluated as part of the government’s fiscal 2024 budget process next spring.

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