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Thursday, August 11, 2022
FairfaxSportsMany local swim teams start season with wins

Many local swim teams start season with wins

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With a dominating victory, the defending Division 1 champion Tuckahoe Tigers were one of seven teams from the Sun Gazette’s coverage areas of Fairfax County to open the 2022 Northern Virginia Swimming League summer season with victories.

In a home June 18 meet, Tuckahoe defeated the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts of Arlington, 287.5-132.5, for the team’s sixth-straight win.

Setting team records for Tuckahoe were Hunter Zipperer in the boys freestyle (24.28), Nolan Dunkel in the boys backstroke (25.06), Grant Nielsen in the boys butterfly (15.10), J.T. Ewing in the boys fly (25.37) and the 15-18 medley relay (1:45.69).

Also in Division 1, the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks defeated the Highlands Whomping Turtles, 279-141, and the Langley Wildthings lost to Overlee, 270-150.

Double winners for Chesterbrook were Maddox Cory, Manu Maher, Emma Maher, McKenzie Cory, Matthew Rose, Aliyah Majeed-Hall, Caroline Burgeson and Lily Wilson.

Rose broke the Chesterbrook record in 13-14 boys freestyle.

Single Chesterbrook winners were Gabrielle Donnelly, Annabelle Francis, Nico Christofferson, Bobby Oremland, Islay Hamilton, Andrew Christofferson, Hudson Nolan, Cameron Parkhomenko and Pranav Budharaju.

Double winners for Highlands were Evan Farley, Carter Huey and Mary Tolar. Single winners were Audrey Gharakhanian, Bridget Rose Morris Larkin, Yuot Matsuki, Jacob Owen, Curan Palmer, Aidan Roche, Rio Walther, Katie Wang and Sarah Winston.

*  In Division 9 action, the Great Falls Rapids lost to Rolling Hills, 267-148. Double winners for Great Falls were Benjamin Bertin and Jenna Wang. Single winners were Scarlet Dastur, Clark Misener, Kathleen O’Donovan, Kate Reynolds, Will Sandstrom, Leo Song and Hailey Walkenhorst.

* Vienna Woods lost to Wakefield Chapel, 231-189, in a Division 3 meet. Double winner for Vienna Woods were Finn McIntyre, Ben Denman-Grimm, Logan Siegrist and Elliott Rowan. The team’s single winners were Caroline Flinn, Nathan Jurutka, Catherine Navarro, Graham Rowan, Jack Peterson, Luke Lauretti, Claire Thompson, Andrew Denman-Grimm and Sophia Brown.

Denman-Grimm broke his team record in the butterfly (25.57) and the 15-18 boys medley relay set a team record (1:50.14).

Denman-Grimm swam in his final meet for Vienna Woods, as he is now headed to the U.S. Naval Academy. He holds five individual team records and swam on three relay records.

* The Oakton Otters fell to Orange Hunt, 216-203, in a Division 4 meet.

For Oakton, double winners were Leena Knepper, Charlotte Lim, Ethan Piccolo, Anna Roth and Laura Roth. The single winners were Finn Bradly, Grey Brower, Andrew Garver, Alex Lee, Catherine Lim, Chelsea McLenahan, Evan McManus and Grace Whittington.

* The McLean Marlins downed Little Rocky Run, 244-176, in a Division 2 meet.

Double winners for McLean were Henry Weeks, Nathan Lee, Caroline Wager, Janni Weeks, Cayden Frantz, Kate Shumate, Ethan Shin and Victoria Valko. Single winners were Emily Lipsey, August Price, Juliana Capello, Eloise LaMonica, Natalie Thomas, Billy Costello, Christina Lee, Henry Williams, Charles Lannin, Joey Ferris, Cole Popovich and Kristin Sargent.

* The Cardinal Hill Cardinals topped Lee Graham, 224-196, in a Division 4 meet.

Double winners for the Cardinals were Mishi Roper, Ziva McHenry, Emmett Sanderson, Emma Watts, Courtney Watts, Xander Jahshan, Anika Patel, Kayden Chen and Max Hollis. The team’s singles winners in the meet were Xander Jahshan, Mishi Roper, Ziva McHenry, Emmett Sanderson, Emma Watts, Max Hollis, Courtney Watts, Anika Patel, Eric Chen, Megan Dean, Peter Francese, Teagan Hastings, Kayden Chen, Maya Antoniuk, Patrick Manley, Evan Sanderson and Eryn Cox.

* Dunn Loring defeated Country Club Hills, 261-158, in a Division 6 meet.

Double winners for Dunn Loring were Samuel Brewer, Abby Gavino, Charlotte Blank, Lex Brucker, Hazel Gramlich and Ana Falzone. Single winners were Dean Stein, Emma He, Vera Korff, Tyler Singmaster, Clara Psotka, Charles Williamson, Chloe He, Ben Woltman, Ryan Martonik, Stella Baldeon-Masturzo, Ben Brewer, Clara Beatty, Timothy Tu, Kate McDermott, Christian Gramlich, and Penelope O’Hearn.

* The Hunter Mill Sharks lost to Springboard, 217-203, in a Division 8 meet.

Double winners for the Sharks were Sydney DeLacy, Alexandra Dicks, Hunter Guthrie, Adrienne Jenks, Chase Jenks, Sophia MacDonald, Elyse Rosade and Madeline Ulen. Single winners were Gray Aylward, Hayes Aylward, Alexandra Samsot, Andrew Stephenson and Fletcher Windham.

Hunter Mill relay records were set in the girls 9-10 medley, the 11-12 girls medley, the 11-12 boys medley, the 13-14 girls medley, the 15-18 girls medley and the 15-18 mixed age girls free relay.

* The Shouse Village Sharks fell to Brookfield, 226-193, in a Division 13 meet.

For Shouse, double winners were William Bouharoun, Amelia Erwin, Nya Lewin, Declan Redfern, Max Thompson and Teresa Yoshihara. Single winners were Nicholas Alexandrescu, Evie Coleman, Lena Johnson, Emma Judkins, Melina Valencia and Charlie Williams.

Thompson broke two 11-12 boys team records – breaststroke (35.68) and  butterfly (29.84).

* The Vienna Aquatic Club Gators lost to Mantua, 220-200, in Division 4 action.

Double winners for the Gators were Andrew Sullo, Emma Wainwright, Evelyn Uhl and Robert Eachus. Single winners were Amar Oak, Annika Rieger, Beckett Cummins, Celia Bredehoeft, Gavin Damiano, James Rushforth, Kate Bagley, Liv DuFrayne, Mia Rakas, Michael Bagley, Mila Brooks and Noah Yazdani.

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