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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Youngkin must help seniors saddled with taxes

Letter: Youngkin must help seniors saddled with taxes

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Editor: With the Republican candidates he campaigned for having failed, as they should, Gov. Youngkin is back in Virginia to govern.

The question is: Will he govern for the benefit of the citizens of the commonwealth or will he govern for the benefit of his political ambitions, as he recently has?

Sitting on a $4 billion surplus, the governor recently said that he will include tax cuts in his proposed budget. Wonderful news if he includes helping seniors with their property taxes – bordering on confiscatory now. This is a group of about 2.5 million.

The governor could follow how other states are helping their senior citizens.


Some examples: Several states have programs that freeze property taxes for seniors; 10 states limit how much a property’s tax value can increase; and one state allows towns to freeze property taxes on homes owned by seniors.
Then there is the horrible car tax, long past its repeal date.

The aforementioned, if acted upon in any shape or form, would reveal a different Youngkin who cares about the citizens he governs.

Fariborz Fatemi, McLean

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