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FairfaxOpinionLetter: Yes, Maine was a lesson lost on Democrats in Virginia

Letter: Yes, Maine was a lesson lost on Democrats in Virginia

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Editor: Great contribution by Georgia Brainard on the parallels between the Virginia governor’s election in 2021 and the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Maine [“By Failing to Heed Lessons of Maine, Democrats Handed Virginia Over to GOP,” Sun Gazette Dec. 9].

I spent 10 days in Maine during the Senate election cycle last year and saw exactly what she described. Susan Collins consistently hammered home her experience and delivering for Maine at all levels.

My wife and I knew in October that Susan Collins would prevail. Whether you liken her to a “Frank Wolf”-style pothole politician or a disciple of Tip O’Neill’s tautology that “all politics is local,” Collins had it down.

Ms. Brainard’s piece is a reminder to candidates everywhere that, regardless of office, it’s backyard concerns that get the most attention from voters.


Larry Allen, McLean

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