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Thursday, December 1, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Theo would restore fiscal sanity to governance

Letter: Theo would restore fiscal sanity to governance

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Editor: Adam Theo is the only chance to bring any sort of fiscal sanity to the Arlington County Board.

I am a former chairman of the Arlington Young Republicans, and Theo has my endorsement and complete support. I encourage all my fellow Republicans who live in Arlington to vote for him.

Everyone is frustrated with the current makeup of the Arlington Board. Despite the members self-labeling themselves as “center-left” or “progressive,” they are resistant to any sort of change and bend over backward to appease a small group of powerful civic organizations.

The board itself is structured in a way that restricts any amount of large-scale change; staggered at-large elections with the chair rotating between whoever is up next for re-election is clearly designed to limit any dissent and to maintain the status-quo.


If you’re looking for any kind of policy changes in Arlington next year, the incumbent, Matt de Ferranti, is not your candidate.

I’m supporting Theo to shake-up the status quo, to hold the county government fiscally accountable for vanity projects, and to embrace a more open and democratic local government.

Kipp Chapin, Arlington

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