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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Theo is candidate to move transportation, mobility to next level

Letter: Theo is candidate to move transportation, mobility to next level

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Editor: Adam Theo will be the champion we need on the Arlington County Board for a safer and more sustainable transportation system.

Transportation is an important issue in Arlington: Just this year, in two separate crashes, women were killed crossing the street. The transportation sector is the largest contributor to carbon emissions in Arlington.

Fortunately, the solutions to both issues are similar: drive less. Unfortunately, our transportation system encourages driving, even for short trips.

We know from other cities the blueprint for a more vibrant Arlington: provide safe, comfortable spaces for people to get out of their cars – protected bike lanes; wider, mode-separated trails; better sidewalks. We need more reliable, more convenient transit service that enables around-town trips.


Achieving change is never easy. We need a champion on the County Board to push for fundamental changes at a determined pace – every year that goes by without it sees more lives lost and more carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

I appreciate that the current County Board, including the incumbent running for re-election, has been supportive of incremental changes to our transportation network. However, these changes are coming too slowly and with too many compromises that undermine the effectiveness of what little progress we do make.

As a longtime advocate for safer and more sustainable transportation, I am voting for Adam Theo for County Board to be the champion we need.

Gillian Burgess, Arlington

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