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Friday, July 23, 2021
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Take personal action to address environmental issues

Letter: Take personal action to address environmental issues

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Editor: During August recess, as members of Congress are available in their districts, we should all ask that they look around and see the ways climate change is impacting our community and country.

I care about our changing climate because I see the impacts of severe storms and worsening allergies on my family. My younger sister lives in California and was impacted directly by wildfire. At just age 35, she had a stroke last fall, and we don’t know if smoke exposure from wildfires may have contributed.

We stand together on this. A total of 78 percent of Americans now say they personally are concerned about climate change, and 96 percent of us believe we have a right to live in a healthy environment with clean air and water, according to an ecoAmerica survey. We need to solve the climate emergency, not just put another bandage on it.

Each of us needs to take steps to eliminate all fossil-fuel pollution in our homes, workplaces, communities and in the nation.

I personally committed to cutting my climate pollution in half by signing onto MomentUs (ecoamerica.org/momentus). Please join me, and urge our policymakers to do the same.

Ani Crews, Vienna

Crews is director of Blessed Tomorrow.

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